Welcome to The Pilates Studio

Pilates provides an energizing whole body work out that will improve your strength, flexibility, posture, coordination, and balance. Whether you want to achieve athletic goals, improve fitness, get back to being active after an injury, relieve pain, or reverse bad postural habits Pilates empowers you.   We focus on efficient biomechanics and functional movement to improve body awareness and enhance your well-being.

Pilates is for Everyone

The beauty of the Pilates method is that it can be adapted for everyone regardless of your fitness level.  We work with you to structure a program to achieve your goals, invigorate your body and keep you challenged.  As you advance your program is adjusted.  This allows you to note your progress and celebrate your accomplishments.

A Positive and Fun Environment

Our sessions and classes are fun and empowering.  Our instructors are detail-oriented and caring.  We focus on you. The studio is outfitted with a full suite of Balanced Body’s high-quality equipment including a Cadillac (trapeze table), Combo and EXO chairs, a ladder barrel, Allegro 2 reformers, Oovs, spine correctors and a full suite of props and accessories.

Introductory Offer

Begin your Pilates program with our Studio Prep Package, an introductory offer designed for people that are new to Pilates or the studio.  During these private sessions your instructor will do a postural assessment, discuss goals and structure your program.  In the first session you will do a few basic exercises that will allow you to begin your program in the second and third sessions.

Schedule your package by calling us at 215-432-3444 or completing the contact us form.

Studio Prep Package

For those new to Pilates or the Studio

3 Private Sessions for $180

Call or contact us to schedule