Virtual Pilates Classes and Private Sessions

We believe that focused movement is the path toward a peaceful mind, inner and outer strength, and a sense of community. We want to be here for you by giving you the tools to take control of your health and wellbeing. Live Better, Love Life.

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Virtual Pilates Training Wherever You Are

Private Sessions and Check-ins

Private sessions for a workout or to focus on a specific concern in your body are available. 
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Class Membership

Includes 5 live classes per week and access to the video library of classes. 
Each class is followed with a community check in where you can ask questions or make comments.

Class Schedule

Mon9AMMat with Cindy
Mon9:30AMClass with Cindy, alternates between Makarlu and Oov
(A foam roller may be used in place of an Oov, and take-out container lids and a tennis, or other small ball, may be used in place of the Makarlu) 
Tue9AMMat with Cindy
Thu9AMMat with Cindy
Fri9AMMat with Cindy
  • A confirmation email be sent out 12 hours before class time with a link and password to join.
  • Use your phone, tablet or laptop to access the classes using Zoom. 


Joined the first class.  Fantastic!  Thanks Cindy and Norm.  Managing our current crisis is so exhausting and stressful, this was the brightest spot all week.  You are making a difference!

– Kathy Scotto

The virtual classes that Cindy and Norm have been providing almost every day since the studio was forced to temporarily close have been a welcome part of my morning. Not only do I feel calmed but I feel less isolated. Thank you both!

– Bobbie Fields

I am so thankful for you Cindy to get my motivation going each day! You are so helpful and amazing and always make me feel “stronger than I know”. Thank you! Sending you sunshine always ๐Ÿ”†๐Ÿ”†๐Ÿ”†

– Charlene Lawton

I want you to know how much I continue to appreciate and enjoy your classes!ย  It has become a welcome routine to my days andย  I don’t know how it would be without the sessions, your company, and the voices/chats from others!!ย  It’s the new ‘routine’ for the day!

– Janice Beck

It feels good to stretch and continue to build strength during virtual training.

– Kathy Esposito