Pilates works well for people of all ages and abilities.  We invite you to come and experience the fun and supportive environment that will empower you to reach your personal fitness goals..  We teach more than exercises, we facilitate improved body awareness, helping you to correct bad habits that can lead to things such as poor posture, and lower back pain and get the full benefit of your Pilates practice.  No matter your age or ability we invite you to experience the fun as we empower you to reach your personal fitness goals.  We work with you to get the full benefit from your Pilates practice.  Our studio does more than just teach exercises.  We focus on building a mind-body connection that promotes increased body awareness and proper motion.  This allows you to correct the bad habits that can lead to poor posture, imbalance, and pain.

Meet Cindy Kneiser, Owner and Lead Instructor

As an avid cyclist, Cindy originally took up Pilates as a way to improve her athletic performance. Cindy had already built a successful career in sales but over the years, she fell in love with Pilates and recognized the significant holistic impacts that Pilates had on her life.  She decided to dedicate her career to helping others achieve the benefits that Pilates had given her.  After ten years of practicing Pilates, she completed Polestar Pilates Comprehensive Teacher Training program, after teaching in other Bucks County studios, Cindy opened The Pilates Studio at Washington Crossing.  Her goal is to show the true benefits that Pilates can bring to the health and fitness of the community and to help make peoples’ lives better.

Committed to Your Personal Growth

We truly believe in the power of Pilates, and our passion to help you achieve your goals is unrivaled. Our friendly and positive instructors make sure that you enjoy each and every class I as you journey towards your goals.

Our private sessions afford our students a one-on-one session with our instructors for a more concentrated approach. Similarly, our group classes are small in size so our instructors are able to provide you the attention and care you want and deserve. As a result, our students are able to make real progress and maximize their gains.

We’re More Than Happy to Answer Your Questions

If you’d like to learn more about our studio, please complete the contact us form or call 215-432-3444