We want you to reach your goals, the best way to do that is to consistently attend your sessions or classes.  Five session/class packages expire after 2 months.  10 session/class packages expire after 3 months.

  • 24 hour notice required for class or session cancellation, late cancels will be charged the full rate.
  • All sessions are by appointment.  Classes require advanced registration.
  • We are unable to provide refunds; unused balances may be transferred to friends or family.

Introductory Package- $180 for three private sessions

The introductory package is for people new to Pilates and the Studio.  During these sessions the instructor will do a thorough assessment of your body, discuss goals and structure a program to meet your goals.  In the first session we will do a few basic exercises that will allow you to begin your program in the second and third session.

Sessions are by appointment and run 50 to 55 minutes

Private Session– $70, Package- 5 for $330 ($66 each), and 10 for $630 ($63 each)

Best for beginners, people that are working on a physical issue such as back or knee pain, and those that enjoy the one on one relationship of working directly with an instructor.

Semi Private Session– $50 per person- 5 for $225 ($45 each), and 10 for $400 ($40 each)

Limited to two or three participants in a closed group (no drop ins).  Good for people with an understanding of Pilates, the apparatus and the exercises in their program.  Works well with people that are of a similar fitness level and can be family members, friends, spouses or we can find someone to match you with.  During the session you will receive direct instruction from the instructor and begin to work independently.  This can be a first step toward independent sessions.

Independent Sessions– $35 each, 5 for $150 ($30 each), and 10 for $280 ($28 each)

You may schedule time to work out on your own.  Requires that you know and follow a set program, and that you are able to set up the apparatus without assistance.  An instructor is available to answer questions, but you will be expected to primarily work on your own.

Reformer classes require pre-registration, are small in size and run 50 to 55 minutes.

Group Reformer Classes– $35 each, 5 for $150 ($30 each), and 10 for $280 ($28 each)

Clients new to reformer classes will need to complete three private sessions (introductory package).  Clients with reformer experience that are new to the studio are still required to take a private session prior to taking reformer class.  The reformer is a powerful apparatus and this will ensure that you know how to use our reformers and that we keep you safe.  Classes may also include use of spine correctors, foam rollers, magic circles or other props.

Pricing and Policies are subject to change. Created May 2016.